Patan in A Day

Before Ahmadabad became the capital city of Gujarat State, Patan used to be the capital of the state though it was devastated by the Muslim Invader Ala-ud-in-Khilji in 1300 AD. Though it is a small town, it has many interesting places to visit and many activities to perform.

Spending a Day in Patan

Many tourists consider Patan as a stop-over and spend a day or two in Patan. If you are planning to go for a short trip in Patan or planning to stay in Patan for a day before you move on to some other nearby city, you better know what all you can do in a day during your stay in Patan. 

Breakfast by 8 AM

If you want to enjoy almost all important things of Patan then you better have your breakfast early and get ready for the day. You can choose among traditional Gujarati breakfast or go for non-veg breakfast if you have special liking for non-veg items.

Breakfast in Patan

You can check out eateries like Sagar Restaurant, Sarvoday Bhojanalaya, Ramvijay Restaurant or Tulsi Restaurant for good food and friendly ambiance.

Destination:1 - Siddhpur

Siddhpur can be reached through Unjha and you would certainly enjoy lots of wooden townhouses which showcase some of the best architectural marvels of 19th century. Most of these multistoried wooden townhouses were built by Bohra Muslims. If you manage to plan your visit in December then you will get to see the streets of Siddhpur full of life as family members of Bohra Muslims come here in December for their social rituals and ceremonies. After spending an hour or so you can head towards Patan City to visit famous Jain Temples.

Destination: 2 - Visiting Jain Temples in Patan

When you enter the premise of Shankheshwar Temple of Patan, you would get peace and solace which you have never experienced. You can experience the ultimate divinity when you visit these Jain Temples. Built with white marvels with intrinsic carvings on the walls, ceilings and pillars of the temples, these places will sooth your eyes and soul both. During the months of Chaitra and Kartik, special functions are held at the temple premise.

Jain Temples in Patan

You would definitely not like to miss out another temple which is worth visiting, Panchasara Parshwanath Jain Derasar. Your next destination would be Rani ki Vav, a wonderful step well.  But before that have some snacks and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee. Juice lovers would definitely refresh themselves with a glass of fresh fruit juice.

Destination: 3 - Visit Rani ki Vav

You would enjoy visiting this architectural wonder, Rani ki Vav which is a step well built by Rani Udayamati in the year 1063. The beautifully designed and carved step well was built in the memory of Raja Bhimdev I, husband of Rani Udayamati. After this step well got flooded by the water of River Saraswati, it was excavated in the year 1980 and since then it has become one of the finest legacies of medieval India. You will have to spend some time here looking at all the seven galleries having more than 800 sculptures.

The carvings show different incarnations of Lord Vishnu and the best one is the one where Lord Vishnu is seen lying on Seshanaga, the serpent with 1000 hoods. You will be exhausted by looking around this wonderful step well and climbing up and down the stairs so after you are through with this site, it is time for lunch now. After having lunch at any of the eateries around the step well, head toward the next wonder of Patan, Sahastralinga Talav.

Destination: 4 - Visit Sahastralinga Talav

Sahastralinga Talav in PatanSahastralinga Talav got its name because this water body used to have thousand lingams around its edge though most of these lingams have been destroyed now. This artificial water tank was built in 1084 by Siddhraj Jaysingh. The tank was built over a lake, Durlabh Sarovar. Sahastralinga Talav is located just north of Rani ki Vav. From here you can go to visit some Muslim architectural excellence like Sheikh Farid Mosque and Mausoleum of Sheik Farid.

Before you decide to visit different shops to buy the specialty of Patan, Patola Sarees and Mashru Weaving, you better have your evening tea and snacks so that you have enough energy to roam around at various shops in Patan.

It is Shopping Time

You can shop at your heart’s desire at retail shops in different markets and shopping malls of Patan. Anyone visiting Patan would definitely buy Patola Sarees which is also known as double ikkat weaving. Patola silk sarees are one of the finest weaving that adds much value to a lady’s wardrobe.  This handloom work is considered as one of the most difficult types of weaving. Vegetable dyes are used for coloring the fabric in which weaving is done. Another craft called Mashru Weaving is also famous in Patan. Silk and cotton threads of vibrant colors are taken to weave this fabric. You can get pillow covers, bed sheets, dress materials etc. with beautiful Mashru weaving.

Dinner Time

 After you do enough shopping, it is time to have sumptuous dinner and go off to bed. So enter the dhaba or pure Punjabi restaurant to enjoy some spicy delicious food or if you just want to make it short visit La Pizzeria to have veg or non-veg Pizza and go back to your hotel to have sound sleep and sweet dreams.
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