Patan Administration

Adninistration in PatanPatan is a district of Gujarat State. For proper administration, the district is sub-divided into seven Talukas namely Sidhpur, Santalpur, Sami, Radhapur, Chanasma and Patan. The 2 sub-division of Patan District are Radhapur Province and Patan Province.

The total area of Patan is about 566755 hectare out of which 555471 hectare is the rural area and 11284 hectare belongs to urban area. Village Panchayat works at rural level, Taluka Panchayats work at Taluka level and Municipal Corporation or Nagar Palika work at City level to administer the entire district were.

The subdivisions are looked after by the SDMs. At Taluka Level Mamlatdar is present to carry out and supervise different types of administrative responsibilities. Patan District administration is looked after by the District Magistrate and the Collector. This article explains different administrative bodies of Patan that work in coordination with each other to ensure smooth administration of the entire district.

District Collectorate Patan

The administration of entire Patan District is under the control of District Collector of Patan. With time, many new facilities have been incorporated for the general public and e-governance is one such facility that offers 102 types of services to the public without any hassle. The e-governance centers are also known as Jan Seva Kendra.

Jan Seva Kendra Patan

District Collector Office
Near North Gujarat University
Patan Gujarat - 384365
Phone No.: 02766 233 301

Disaster Management in Patan

Disaster Management Authority Patan works in coordination with the State Disaster Management Authority and the National Disaster Management Authority. The prime functions of Disaster Management Branch of Patan are provide relief compensation for all types of natural disasters e.g. cyclone, earthquake, floor and other; providing relief compensation for the victims of communal right cases; implementing Disaster Risk Management programs. Disaster Management in Patan also prepares plans for managing disasters. Awareness programs and workshops through seminars, workshops, banners, leaflets etc. are also done by the Disaster Management Authorities.

Disaster Management in Patan

Contact Person
Sri D.C. Joshi

Disaster Mamalatdar Patan
Phone No.: 02766 224 830

Courts in Patan

With the formation of Gujarat State in 1960, High Court of Bombay became the High Court of Mehsana District. In May 1960, High Court of Gujarat was formed and Mehsana District became a part of it. Patan court became a part of Gujarat High Court and Patan got a Senior Civil Court. Patan also got a JMF Court and Civil (JD) court when Patan got a separate police division and a DSP office then Patan got an assistant Judge appointed under the jurisdiction of Mehsana Court. In 2002, Mehsana District got divided into two separate districts Patan and Mehsana and Patan got a separate Sessions and District Judge. Apart from District court and civil court in Patan, various Talukas of Patan have their individual Taluka courts.

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Law & Order in Patan

Patan Law and order is looked after by the police. The police department is headed by the superintendent of Police. Apart from looking after general law & order of Patan, traffic situation is also managed by the Police Department. Police department arranges for several kinds of programs to interact with the general public of the district so that law and order situation of Patan can run smoothly.

Law & Order in Patan

Police Station - Bhadra
Near Nagar Palika,
Patan HO,
Patan-Gujarat - 384265
Phone no.: 2766 230 599

Police Station - Radhanpur
Patan-Gujarat - 385340
Phone no.: 2746 277 222

Police Station- Harij
Patan-Gujarat - 384240
Phone no.: 2733 222 040

Police Station - Santalpur
Near Highway,
Main Road,
Patan-Gujarat - 385350
Phone no.: 2738 222 233

Police Station - Sidhpur
Patan-Gujarat - 384151
Phone no.: 2767 220 057

Police Station - Chanasma
Patan-Gujarat - 384220
Phone no.: 2734 222 019

Police Station - Sami Patan
Sami Patan,
Patan-Gujarat - 384245
Phone no.: 2733 244 323

Police Station - Varahi
Patan-Gujarat - 385360
Phone no.: 2738 224 123

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As per the new initiatives taken by Gujarat Police Department, Support Centers for Women are run to guide and counsel the women victims. They are given guidance to combat any kind of domestic violence and other family problems. The local police stations along with other government agencies run these support centers for the women. Police Forces in Patan also initiates different types of programs like road safety project, personal safety project, projects for prevention of vehicle thefts and others.

Important Links of Patan

Patan is a famous historical town of Gujarat State. It is also the district divided into Talukas. Patan is regularly visited by numerous tourist enthusiasts including pilgrims, history lovers and others. Whether you are residing in Patan or if you are planning to visit this ancient city of Gujarat in near future for vacation or for some official purpose, you must know about important links from where you will get to know about different services offered in Patan. Here is the list of some important links of Patan City.

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