Emergencies in Patan

Emergencies in PatanPatan is inhabited by 133, 727 (approx.) people as per the 2011 census. The city located in north Gujarat is also visited by numerous people from nearby places on daily basis. These people come here for business, education or various other purposes. Patan being an ancient fortified town is also a preferred tourist destination. Whether you are residing in this district and/or city as a resident or if you are planning to visit Patan in near future, it is important to get knowledge about how to manage an emergency situation effectively when you face such situation.

Police in Patan

Working under the Gujarat Police, Police forces in Patan are responsible for keeping the law and order of the district in place. Right from helping the resident in case of theft, burglary, or any other issue related to law and order, police forces are also responsible to manage the road traffic. Police forces in Patan play very important role in handling emergencies that crop up during any kind of disaster. Overall maintenance of law & order of Patan District, reduction of crime and ensuring that citizens get healthy and safe environment to live in are the aims of district police of Patan.

Click here for complete list of Police Stations in Patan.

Fire Stations in Patan

Trained fire fighters, modernized equipments and highly professional attitude of fire brigade Patan helps in combating different emergency situations. Not only rescuing lives during onset of fire but fire brigade in Patan is found helpful during natural and man-made disasters as well.

Fire Fighters in Patan

Nagar Palika Fire Brigade

Patan Main Bazaar
Near ST Bus Depot
Phone No.: 02766 233 232

Blood Banks in Patan

Blood banks in Patan provide bloods of required blood groups in case of emergencies or for regular patients who need blood transfusion due to different blood related diseases. Civil Hospital in Patan houses the main blood bank. Private hospitals of Patan have their own blood banks too. Click here for complete list of Blood Banks in Patan.

Eye Banks in Patan

Eye banks preserve healthy cornea and successful transplants help the blinds to get back their sight. Lt. Smt Sharadaben M Shah Eye Bank located in Patan aims at helping the blinds of this region to get back their sight. Here is the phone number of this eye bank located in Patan - 02766 220 197 / 02766 233 496/ 02766 230 719. For a complete list of Eye Banks in Patan, click here.

Disaster Management in Patan

Gujarat State is prone to different kinds of natural disasters and in past the state had suffered with the man-made disaster i.e. riots as well. Disaster Management Cell of the district works in coordination with the state level and national level authority. Apart from providing immediate reliefs to the victims and rescuing them, disaster management authorities in Patan continuously monitor the Disaster Risk Management plan and keep the relevant departments prepared accordingly.

Disaster Management in Patan

The important phone numbers to contact in case of disasters are provided below:

District Emergency Response Center
Phone No.:
02766 1077

Commissioner of Rescue and Relief
Phone No.:

Chemist Shops in Patan

Chemist shops in Patan are quite high in numbers and they are scattered throughout the city to serve people in the better way. These drug stores and chemist shops of Patan have qualified pharmacists who ensure that right medicine is provided to the buyers. Accessories like oxygen cylinders, nebulizers, saline bottles etc. are also supplied by these chemist shops of Patan.

Some of the drug stores of Patan that serve huge numbers of people of the region are:
  • Anand Medical Store: 9898 841 772
  • Anjur Medical Store: 9898 029 013
  • Bhagwati Medical Store: 02766 230 095
  • B M Pharma: 9998466140
  • Ganesh Medical Stores: 9925 865 059
  • Jigar Medical Store: 02766 221 001

Click here for a complete list of Chemists in Patan.

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