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Museums in Patan

Museums in Patan

The Prabhas Patan museum is located near the famous Somnath temple of Lord Shiva, which is also one of the twelve Jyotirlinga temples of India and thus got the name Somnath museum. Here the three rivers- river Saraswati, river hiranya and river Kapila meet, forming the triveni sangamam or the unification of three rivers is seen which is considered to be very holy by the Hindu religion. Hence, this place is a pilgrimage and is visited by folks across country.

About the Museum

This museum is an archeological museum with different artifacts from the history like sculptures and carved stones, which are reminiscent pieces of some earlier temples.  This museum is built in 1951. This museum contains vast collection of different artifacts ranging from carved stones to specimens of foreign rivers. 

The museum consists of 5 domes, toranas (gateways) belonging to 12th century, sacred waters of several rivers, huge pillars, apsaras (beautiful women) carved in stone, the sculptures of many gods and goddesses like Uma Maheshwara (Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati), Agni (the god of fire), lord Vishnu and Lord Bhairava which collectively makes the people mesmerized.

Since the museum is present near water, we can find number of beautiful and rare sea shells and other sea related objects. The glass bottles with the different specimens from  rivers such as St Lawrence, river Danube, river Tigris, river Nile, Murray river and the sea water from Tasmania and New Zealand add to the attractions of the museum. There are also inscriptions from history in Sanskrit and Persian languages and coins from different times and countries.

Interesting Facts About Prabhas Patan Museum

There is an interesting story associated with the place Prabhas Patan. It is said that Lord Krishna was hit by an arrow by a hunter named Jara at this place. As a curse that was given by Vali to Lord Rama in Ramavatara for shooting, Vali from behind a tree and it was taken by Lord Krishna. Hence, if one visits the museum of Prabhas Patan, one not only gets to see the artifacts of the museum, but also gets to see many historically important and interesting places around it.

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